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As part of my Honours project, I developed several Python routines for analysing numerical simulation data obtained from the PLUTO simulation package. I am in the process of polishing my Python code so that I can release it as a standalone analysis library. Highlights will include:

  • Simplified loading of PLUTO data files
  • The projection of spherical data onto a Cartesian grid (2D)
  • The calculation of simulation energetics
  • The calculation of luminosity for each grid cell
  • The production of simulated surface brightness distributions
  • The production of movies from a simulation for various variables: density, pressure, luminosity etc.

Turnt Ninja / Substructio

Turnt Ninja is cross-platform open-source, GPLv3 licensed, procedurally generated music/rhythm game inspired by the wonderful Super Hexagon. Turnt Ninja is written in C#, and uses the Substructio library for reusable code.


QuickFont is a cross-platform text rendering library for OpenTK. The original version developed by James Lohr is no longer maintained, and I maintain the newer version of the library.


Gwen.NET is a cross-platform GUI library for OpenTK. Originally developed by Garry Newman and others, I maintain a version that relies on QuickFont for text rendering and uses modern OpenGL functionality.


Cync is a music synchronization application designed to be used with portable media players that have multiple storage drives, such as internal storage + a microSD card. Cync will sync playlists across multiple storage drives, ensuring that the multiple storage drives are used efficiently.